Between Land and Sky

 Chiara Camoni 

Between Land and Sky by Chiara Camoni is an homage to the landscape, masterpiece of Italian art, and a reflection on the metaphysics of living.

Either living in a big city or in a small Tuscan village as Chiara, the landscape is the centuries old nourishment of the Italian imagination: in the landscape it is the humanist code that intersects art and thought.

Chiara was inspired by her recent love of horseback riding to create a space where people and animals who travel along the Francigena can rest and drink, an area of where a peaceful appreciation of the landscape is possible.  The work proposes a radical alteration of the concept of the monument, transforming people and animals, the which will rest there,  into a living monument. The work will be at the same time a real and symbolic space that does not celebrate victories nor triumphs, but only peacefulness and the beauty of belonging to the landscape. The stopping place is transformed into a living monument dedicated to nature, to the beauty of the landscape. It will offer shelter to domestic and wild animals that may need to find drink or rest, a place where art celebrates the metaphysics of living. The osmosis between wild animals, domesticated animals, and mankind themselves brings back attention to respect towards nature, a sacred element of human survival. 

In the magic of the woods of Rocca Massima, this space of nature appreciation will be constructed with materials found in the surrounding area, nearby an ancient fountain annexed to a cave (cona) used in the past for devotion and still partially frescoed. The ‘cona’ will host the clay sculptures of both wild and domestica animals produced by children from a nearby preschool during a workshop with the artist. Between Land and Sky, a meridian to orient the aesthetic route in favor of the ethical one, defending landscape and nature, cultivating consciousness, pushing oneself beyond anthropocene and planning a shared destiny that unites.